Casey Rutherford

I am a high school physics and math teacher by day and a father of a  crazy curious 6 year old girl and a happy-go-lucky 4 year old boy. We enjoy playing outside, talking math, and investigating anything that piques our curiosity.

Main blog (Modeling Instruction, Standards Based Grading, Educational Technology)

180blog (A daily, though that’s a bit optimistic, look at my classroom through photos)


What Would Neil deGrasse Tyson Do?

I am a high school chemistry and science teacher by day, and a mom to a funny 3 year old boy. With my husband, we like gardening (and chasing squirrels away from our harvest), cooking, and watching Cosmos.

Main blog (Mostly-professional musings on science, chemistry, and education/schooling)


John Burk

I am a high school physics and math teacher, and a father to a 3 year old girl who loves to explore the world around her. Together with my wife (another physics major) we we enjoy hiking, cooking and anything else that gets us exploring the outdoors.

Quantum Progress My teaching blog



I am a research engineer in biomechanics. My mechanical engineering husband and I created two very curious kids, a 5 year old son and an infant daughter, and are helping them explore and experience their world through science. We tinker, create, make, experiment, and discuss science using an inviting environment. Science is approachable at any age.

Nerdy Science – my everyday science for kids blog



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